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Friday, August 27, 2010


Hi! I hope you are all doing well. Sorry I continue to be a little hit and miss on this blog thing. It seemed like it was going to be such a good idea and so easy in the beginning...some of you are demanding! :)

The last six weeks or so have been really good across the pond. The homesickness seems to have moved on...at least for now. We'll see what happens when it's dark for 16 hours everyday and it rains for five months straight. I am getting busier and busier, which is really good for me. I'm never home before 8:30 or so. I finally found a place to swim laps that I'm happy with. It's so close to my work and is outside. It's 50m, heated, and they say that people swim through the winter. I'll be very curious to see if I'm able to do this without freezing my knickers off. It may bring back some repressed traumatic memories of my mom throwing me into The Big Pool in subzero temperatures back in my GC Seahawk days....

Last weekend, I made a quick trip to Germany to spend the weekend with Katrin's (my sis in law) family. It was really good to see some familiar faces and drink some German beer...and to be on the right side of the road again. I wish Scott and Katrin (and particularly Hannah, sorry guys) would have been there though. I look forward to going back for Christmas this year for some good German Christmas fun.

On Tuesday evening, I went with a fellow Kansas Citian that I work with to see Sister Act at The West End. Whoopi Goldberg has been here through much of August "back in the habit." I was a little disappointed that she didn't play her original role of Deloris Van Cartier but was Mother Superior instead. Sister Act was one of my favorite movies growing up. It was pretty surreal to be that close to one of my favorite celebs. (It should be noted that I was on a bit of an employment hiatus before my move over here and I got somewhat addicted to The View.) I tried to take a picture but was attacked by a theatre attendant after merely taking my camera out of my bag.

This weekend I'm looking to Notting Hill Carnival. I don't really know what it is but I have been assured I will find good food and good drinks (along with possible gang violence, but whatever). I'm set!

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